Who we are

FOUR PAWS is one of the largest international animal protection charities in the world, working to raise awareness of animal protection issues and creating change for animals most in need.

Since 1988, FOUR PAWS has been dedicated to protecting animals all over the globe, including wild animals kept in captivity, farmed animals used for food and textiles, and companion animals who suffer as a result of human actions.  

Through our solution-focused approach, we offer animals in distress direct aid through our emergency rescues and sanctuary projects. In addition to our direct action to help animals in need, FOUR PAWS protects animals by implementing effective campaigns and projects that provide short- and long-term solutions for animals.

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Our mission

The mission for our Wear It Kind campaign, is to protect animals by catalysing a movement to drive an animal-friendly fashion future! Together we will help raise awareness of the problems and will collaborate to create sustainable and fair solutions. We can ensure kind fashion choices are accessible to all, and animal protection and transparency are key values upheld by fashion brands and retailers.

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Our beliefs

All animals deserve respect, empathy and understanding.

Ethical fashion means caring for animals, people and the environment they share.

Fashion is about expressing ourselves and our values.

Brands are responsible for the welfare of animals in their supply chains.

Transparency is key to achieving animal-friendly ethical fashion.