Fur and the Frightful Truth Behind Fur Production.
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FOUR PAWS UK join Wear it Kind, building the compassion in fashion movement and #FurFreeBritain!
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The Leather Trade: why we should consider human rights and animal welfare together. Read more.

Shop Fur Free! Check out the Fur Free Retailer search tool.
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Good On You! A chat with the co-founder of the app that is changing the way we shop.
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Trapped for fashion

The cruelty behind the wildlife fur trade.

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The Lowdown on Down: the hidden truth behind those warm clothes. Read more.

Think green? Think again. Why fur is not the eco-friendly choice.
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What does ethical fashion mean to you? Watch the video.

The Exotic Skin Trade

See you later, alligator 

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Header Image: FOUR PAWS | Tierart | Henri Schuh